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Bitzer Enlarges its Selection Software
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 The latest update of the Bitzer software allows customers to calculate the performance data for even more components within the compressor specialist’s product range. With this, Bitzer offers a reliable tool for users to select the appropriate components for their systems.  

Thanks to the update to version 6.8, the software now includes the newly introduced ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT scroll compressors for the refrigerants R410A, R454B and R32 as well as the CSVW variable speed compact screw compressor series with permanent-magnet motor. Furthermore, users can now carry out the motor selection for Bitzer OS.95 screw compressors. As for reciprocating compressors, Bitzer has added the VARIPACK frequency inverter selection for its ECOLINE+ series as well as for the two-stage semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors.

Now, users have the possibility of customising the dimensions of Bitzer liquid receivers and condensers. The necessary documents can be downloaded in the software via the ‘Dimensions’ button. What is more, Bitzer has added new refrigerants for the receiver calculation. Also, the company’s largest horizontal oil separator OAHC100051A for ammonia applications has been made available with the update.

Picture: An important new feature of the Bitzer software is the implementation of the new ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT scroll compressors (here: ORBIT FIT) (Image: Bitzer)

Source: Bitzer


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