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Lutz E-Catalogue Online
Lutz Pumpen GmbH

 The actual general catalogue 2009 of Lutz Pumpen GmbH is now available online on the company┬┤s website as a so-called "e-catalogue" (electronic catalogue). An innovative animation technique makes it possible that prospective customers conveniently can browse through the 300-pages catalogue with mouse clicks and can look for suitable pumps and complete solutions.  

Customers who prefer to work with printed catalogues now can also find the complete Lutz sales program in the internet. The pages of the Lutz e-catalogue can be turned on the screen - like it is possible with the printed catalogue - with maximum up-to-dateness and availability. The user can choose between a double page display or an enlarged zoom display of the catalogue contents. An interactive table of contents leads directly on to the requested chapter whilst the comfortable full text searching allows the specifically searching by key words.
It is also possible to save, to print or to recommend single catalogue pages. Optionally customers can send us a mail with their address data in order to get the download link for the complete PDF catalogue. If the user has found the requested product in the e-catalogue he can ask for an offer or sales documentation in printed version via an online form.

Picture: Lutz Pumpen GmbH

Source: Lutz Pumpen


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