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PumpLinx V2.4 Released

 Simerics, Inc. announced the release of PumpLinx Version 2.4. PumpLinx is a CFD simulation tool created especially for designers of pumps, motors, compressors, propellers, and other fluid devices with rotating or sliding components.  

Starting with a 3-D CAD design, PumpLinx enables the engineer to create a virtual test article and generate flow visualization and engineering output as accurate as a full scale hardware test at a fraction of the time and cost. Key advantages of PumpLinx are automated grid generation, a robust and accurate cavitation model, ease-of-use; and same day turn-around. The accuracy of the code (pressure, velocity, loads, thrust, cavitation, etc.) has been thoroughly validated against production hardware. PumpLinx can be used to improve efficiency, minimize cavitation, control pressure ripple, and reduce noise.

The code is continually being developed to add new capability and templates for modeling a wide range of equipment. New features in PumpLinx v.2.4 include:br />

  • Bent Axis Piston Pump Template
  • Cavitation Damage Model to indicate the location of potential cavitation damage
  • 1-D Models for Spool Valves and Pressure Relief Valves for use with 3-D system modeling
  • Orifice, Filter, and P-Q Curve Boundary Conditions
  • Lagrangian Particle Module for predicting the motion of liquid droplets and solid particles in a flow field
  • User Expressions and Tables for setting physical properties and boundary conditions
  • Animated Streamlines for flow visualization

Source: Simerics
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