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New Kolmeks Pump Selector Software

 The pump selection application of Kolmeks has been renewed in total. This service is intended for users, who want to get more detailed and more technical data on pumps. The selection application is supplied on CD-ROM.  

Now you can access detailed, product-specific datasheets and energy consumption calculations. A new feature in the service is dimensioning for high-viscosity liquids.

Comparing products is easy, when you can compare data across several different pumps. You can also use powerful search and sorting options.

About Kolmeks
Kolmeks Ltd, a Finnish pump and motor manufacturer is part of the privately owned Brandt Group Oy, LTD, the turnover of which is EUR 64 Million in 2005, and employs approximately 600 persons.

Kolmeks Ab is a company with a personnel totalling about 70. For the year 2006 the turnover is estimated to 16 MEUR. Production is about 40000 pumps annually.

Quality in all aspects of the company s operations is reflected in the fact that procedures for design, manufacturing, sales and service have been accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Source: Kolmeks
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