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New Module: CrmConnector Makes Data Synchronization Easier for all Spaix Selection Programs
With the help of the new module CrmConnector users can start the Spaix pump selection and configuration out of the CRM system (Photo: VSX, Dresden/Germany).

 For the optimization of data synchronization between all Spaix pump selection programs and the Microsoft customer relationship management system VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE has developed the module Spaix CrmConnector.  

So the connection of the CRM system is not only available for the product Spaix CRM+ but for all other Spaix products. This includes the desktop version Spaix Classic V2 as well as the web version Spaix V3 of the pump selection program. Due to the possibility to use Spaix out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM the data synchronization between both programs is guaranteed. The integration of Spaix in the Microsoft CRM surface enables the program start directly from the CRM system and makes the data maintenance in Spaix dispensable. Therefore valuable time can be saved for other sales activities.

Use all advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an innovative customer relationship management system that supports companies with their customer-orientated activities. Workflows can be flexibly modeled, comprehensively evaluated and easily managed – from inquiries over sales to service activities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be easily adjusted to specific requirements and integrates itself optimal to Microsoft Office and Outlook. This integration in a familiar working environment that is well-known by all employees causes short job trainings, quick acceptance and high effectiveness. Marketing, Sales as well as Service departments comparably profit from such an integrated solution.

Use the complete functionality of the pump selection program
All functionalities of Spaix can be used unlimited: From the product selection and configuration over the accessory selection to price calculation and proposal management. Moreover, Spaix provides a complex spare parts management. Within the scope of the quote preparation in Spaix technical data sheets were generated and can be attached to the proposal.

The perfect symbiosis of hydraulic selection and customer management
Quotations corresponding to customer needs can be easily generated with the Spaix product selection and configuration. Due to the CrmConnector the quotation record will be automatically attached by only one mouse click to the company record in the CRM system. All necessary information is immediately available without any extra work and transcription errors.

Furthermore, the quote generation in Spaix automatically deploys a sales opportunity and a quotation record. Pre-defined as well as manually added products will be compared with the database and adopted to the CRM quotation. The Spaix project will also be attached to the quotation record in the usual Spaix format (.cef). Due to this fact every Spaix selection project can be revised and adapted out of the CRM system.

Because of the combination of detailed customer and sales data in the CRM system with in-depth technical information coming from Spaix a lot of powerful reporting functions are at the users’ disposal. For example, with these functions turnovers by products and regions can be evaluated and analyzed very fast.

How to get Spaix CrmConnector?
If the CrmConnector is bought together with a Spaix selection program the user would not only get special conditions for the licenses but also professional support from one source for both programs. The module CrmConnector is also available as a single position.

Picture: With the help of the new module CrmConnector users can start the Spaix pump selection and configuration out of the CRM system (Photo: VSX, Dresden/Germany).

Source: VSX
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