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Key Water Challenges Addressed at the First GF Water Technology Summit

Water shortage is becoming an urgent and key sustainability topic. Demographic development, global availability imbalances and high leakage rates aggravate the issue.

GF, present in water sector since more than a hundred years, took the initiative to invite specialists of water treatment and conveyance to discuss challenges and future solutions.

The first GF Water Technology Summit took place on September 11-12, 2014 at Klostergut Paradies, Schlatt (CH), and focused on desalination, nanotechnologies and mobile water treatment with its participants of 50 experts from around a dozen countries, such as USA, Netherlands, Israel, France and Germany.

The summit provides an excellent platform for interdisciplinary exchange on water treatment and conveyance technologies. The summit has been a great success and will be held again next year in September.

Source: Georg Fischer


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