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Atlas Copco Award Recognizes Innovative Marketing and Sales Concept for Smart Factory Solutions

The Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award this year recognizes the marketing of a digitalized system that boosts productivity for manufacturers.

The award goes to the MVI Division Global Marketing Team in Atlas Copco’s Industrial Technique business area for creating a marketing concept around the productivity-enhancing manufacturing solution Smart Connected Assembly. The concept positions Atlas Copco as a leader in Industry 4.0/Smart Factory solutions in assembly operations with a complete product offer consisting of tools, software and data driven products. The result is more productivity and lower cost for cost for industrial customers such as automotive manufacturers. Nicklas Tibblin, VP Marketing, Robert Stribeck, Product Manager, Jonas Lundgren, Product Manager and Nurgul Atayer, Project Leader will be presented the award at Atlas Copco’s Annual General Meeting.

“Atlas Copco wants to be a leader when it comes to connectivity and smart solutions in the industrial sector. The marketing of Smart Connected Assembly has been demonstrating that and the customer value it brings in an innovative way. I am happy to present the award to a successful team of talented employees,” said Mats Rahmström, Atlas Copco’s President and CEO.

Source: Atlas Copco


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