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EagleBurgmann Recognized with Stifterverband Award

EagleBurgmann, a world leader in the manufacture of mechanical seals, systems, packing and expansion joints, is one of four Fraunhofer institutes and seven other partners to receive the coveted Stifterverband Award.  

The award, one of German industry’s joint initiatives for supporting research and higher education, was presented to EagleBurgmann as one of the partners in the alliance that developed DiaCer, a new diamond-ceramic composite material for applications under extreme conditions in industrial environments. The award was presented May 19 at a ceremony held in Leipzig in the presence of Professor Annette Schavan, Germany’s Federal Minister of Education and Research.

Since 2007, EagleBurgmann has coated mechanical seals with a crystalline diamond layer to provide the necessary durability for smooth operations of pumps, compressors and agitators in extreme applications including chemical, oil and gas, refinery, slurry, pharmaceutical and water supply fields. The seals have proven to offer lower energy consumption, longer service life and much improved mean time between failure and mean time between repair. Applications validate that a diamond coating up to 8 µm thick makes the seal faces extremely hard and wear resistant. Other outstanding features include excellent heat conductivity, maximum chemical resistance and low friction.

About Stifterverband
Stifterverband was founded by representatives of German industry in 1920 at the initiation of German academies, universities and scientific institutes. Today, Stifterverband sees itself as intermediary between the spheres of industry and science. In all, Stifterverband now administers funds totaling 2 billion euros in 450 individual foundations. During the past eight years, Stifterverband has been bestowing the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with an award to the amount of EUR 50,000 in recognition of the joint scientific excellence projects in the sphere of applied research conducted by the Fraunhofer institutes in cooperation with the industrial sector and/or other research organizations. This award is given in annual alternation with the “Human-Centered Technology” prize offered by former executive board members and institute directors of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and their associated external sponsors.

Source: EagleBurgmann 

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